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PLANET PROSPECT was created to enable and empower High School student-athletes to realize their dreams of playing athletics in College.


Many hours spent focused on developing the best way for committed student athletes to market their skills, for the benefit of College Coaches at all levels. We solicited input from High School and College Athletes and Coaches to determine the most effective way to align prospective college level student athletes’ athletic and academic information with the optimal university “fit”. Through this process, the goal was that both College Coaches and student-athletes would benefit and PLANET PROSPECT inception began. By leveraging our services to build your personal athletic brand you can market your athletic and academic profile to quickly and effectively increase your exposure to coaches at any level.


Through an efficient and focused process enable high school student athletes establish a communication & marketing channel for gaining National Collegiate exposure by connecting them directly to College Coaches, Recruiters and Scouts that best align with their skills, experiences, and desires.

My story

An avid sports fan and a former professional athlete who grew up and lives in the Northeast. I had good grades and was a good athlete in High School, but was NOT recruited or offered a scholarship to College. I experienced first-hand the challenges for a High School student athlete to gain the exposure necessary to be recruited by Colleges across the nation. I made a decision to become proactive in my college athletic career. I walked on to the University of Connecticut baseball team. I worked hard on and off the field, created and marketed my brand and ultimately went on to get a scholarship to finish my career at a College in the competitive South.  After a successful college campaign I was selected in the MLB draft and played 8 years of professional baseball with 4 different organizations.  Looking back I wish I had started focusing and marketing my brand while I was in High School. Now I want to help others to gain that competitive edge as they consider their future in college athletics. I hope you allow Planet Prospect to help you in reaching your athletic and academic dreams of getting to the next level.


We provide two avenues for athletes to get noticed.

    1. We provide a well designed website template. You simply enter your information – a short biography with your personal information, academic information and coaches contact information, athletic stats, skill and game videos, photos and more for coaches to see. It is extremely effective because now all your information is in one area. It is the most efficient way for you to get your information to a coach.
    2. College Coaches and Recruiters can access our database of athletes at no charge. From the database Coaches can access your website with your profile to determine if you are a match for their program.

Choosing a College is difficult.

Choosing a college that where you can participate in an athletic program is even a greater challenge.

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