Planet Prospect offers you, a gifted student-athlete, the chance to increase your visibility and exposure to college coaches and recruiters by providing valuable information to ignite the recruiting process. If you are committed to your future, you need to get noticed!  Invest in your future by increasing your academic and athletic opportunities with your personalized custom website.

The foundation of our service is that we provide two very effective and efficient avenues for athletes to get noticed by College Coaches.

#1 – Our proprietary, well designed website template which allow you to create a unique athletic and academic profile.

     ⦁ You simply enter your information – a short biography, athletic stats and academic information, add your game and skill videos, photos and more. Update your information as often as you like. It is extremely effective because now all your information is in one area.

     ⦁ Create an introduction email letting the coach know who you are and why you want to be part of their program. Add your website link in the body of the email.

     ⦁ Email your introduction letter with website link to any college coach in the country day or night. The Coach can click on your link and see all the information needed to start the recruiting process. There is no more effective way for you to get all of your information to a coach.  

     ⦁ Follow up with each coach you email and begin building a long-lasting relationship.

#2 – College Coaches and Recruiters can access our database of athletes at no charge. From the database, Coaches can search for your profile profile to determine if you are a match for their program.


All college sports programs have limited athletic scholarship funds available. Choosing a college or university which meets your academic and athletic standards presents a huge challenge and is a time consuming process. The task is daunting and you want the best for your child. Prepare yourself and your child by exploring all the options and coming to a well-informed, confident decision.

      1. Your college bound student-athlete with the unique opportunity to gain national exposure to College Coaches and recruiters by significantly increasing their opportunity to be successfully recruited by the college of their choice.
      2. A way to make qualified coaches and recruiters aware of your child’s skills, background and desire to grow as a student-athlete. The number of students applying to colleges increases each year and the process is becoming increasingly more selective. Planet Prospect will empower your child to market their personal brand in the best possible way.



It makes a great first impression! Your Planet Prospect website will make that impact – reflecting your personal style, community involvement, pictures, videos and more – in addition to your talents and skills both athletically and academically.

Planet Prospect gives you the opportunity to build relationships. College coaches don’t have the time to look through dozens of dated resumes and DVD’s. On Planet Prospect, your profile information, videos and photos are uploaded immediately. You can send coaches an introductory email and link to your website with real time information. Building your future is just clicks away. It’s fun and it’s easy; most importantly, it’s effective.